We know that the Bible teaches that we are all stewards of God’s creation which means we take care of what God has placed in our hands. Being a Trustee is an honorable board that works as caretakers or stewards of the church and the grounds on which it stands.

This Board is made up of men and women who have a Godly passion for taking care of the church and property. Trustees meet monthly to discuss some of the following topics; updating the structure of building and items in the building, maintaining the church yard, fixing anything that needs repair and securing custodial staff and overseeing the parsonage. These and other items the trustees come together to maintain a safe and uplifting environment for people to worship and learn about God.

For more details about the responsibility of the Trustees please see the document “Responsibilities of Officers”.

Our Trustees

Leland Dencklau
Dean Fowler
Brad Niemeyer
Rich Neumann
Randy Junkman
Bill Arndt
Darrell Sturtz